JCE is a Commercial and Industrial Electrical and Electro-Mechanical contractor, serving the Southeastern USA with Safe, Reliable and Productive designs. We’ve assembled a team of experts in their respective fields and disciplines giving us the ability to transition seamlessly into our client partner’s operation and process, providing design, maintenance, installation and support.

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Infared Thermo Imaging

This technology peeks through walls and ceilings to pick up “warm wire” spots that are on their way toward meltdown or ignition. This is critical in early detection.

Ultra Sonic Arc Protection

This tool uses surveillance sonar to identify slight resonant vibrations set off by loose connections that can lead to sparks and fires.

Complete Circuit Analyzer

Verifies proper wiring while pinpointing loose connections and faulty grounds.

Shock Hazard Check

Tests ground resistance. A bad ground can lead to sparks, serious shocking or even death.

RMS Voltage Tester

If voltage isn’t within a 5% range, your expensive electronics can be ruined.

“Powermiser” Current Detection

Detects damaging surges that could result in costly repairs.

This is a family owned and operated company which delivered prompt quality work. You couldn't ask for nicer service and I was well pleased with their charges. I gave their card to my sister last night and she has an appointment scheduled with them next week . Thank you so much for your valuable service in finding honest contractors.

Linda M.Wetumpka, AL

They were professional all the way. Did all the work , dealt with the power company, did a great job at a fair price I would highly recommend them.

Terry W.Hope Hull, AL