Lighting Protection

Industrial and Manufacturing facilities are vulnerable to lightning damage due to multiple service entrances, the use of isolated metal building components and the costly equipment housed within. In addition to actual property loss, lightning damage to robotics, communication lines and computer equipment can result in extended downtime for our clients.

JCE is a Certified UL Installer for Lightning, Grounding and Bonding systems.   What this means for your company, your facility and equipment and – most importantly – your people is, the system will be installed correctly and provide layered, effective protection.

The way the certification works is:

  • JCE will design and install your lightning protection system, complete with engineered drawings, according to stringent United Laboratories and NFPA standards.
  • A UL field representative will physically come and inspect the installation.  Any corrections needing to be made will be dictated by UL at that time.  Once the installation is tested, inspected and compliant, the field representative will issue approval.
  • Once approval is obtained, UL will issue a certificate to the client.  In addition to this, they will also post the certificate on their website providing proof that the lightning protection system is in compliance with UL, NFPA or U.S. Government standards.
  • Certificates must be renewed every five years.
  • You will need to contact JCE if the building changes structurally or if modifications have been made to the system during the five-year period that the certificate is in effect. We can repair or modify the system and make arrangements to have it re-evaluated by UL to determine its continued compliance with lightning protection standards. This is required to maintain your certificate.

 If you have an existing system installed and have questions about it, want to make sure it is effective or want to know more about compliance issues, contact us today.  We will be glad to help.

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