With increased emphasis on cost and energy efficiency, and with high cost and major disruption associated with maintenance, reviewing your lighting solution, especially in the light of new technology, is a must.

The main problem facility managers face with “energy efficient” lighting companies is typically that they don’t truly understand the manufacturing/industrial facility they’re in.

“Our new and improved lighting fixtures can save your company 30%”

The next time you’re told that, ask them to show you the numbers.  The average manufacturing plant in the U.S. uses 4-7% of its total energy expenditures on lighting.  Some of the facilities we are in use as little as 2% for lighting.  We know this because we take the time to benchmark proposals for our clients – but we also consider the interdependent nature of a facility’s myriad electrical systems.  So, a good reply to the lighting salesman would be:  “What about the harmonics being introduced by your ballasts?  How much do they cost me in power quality issues?”

Solutions that work

At J.C. Electric, we understand the challenges you face in managing your high-bay environment and we have a range of solutions to fit your needs.  We can recommend the best products for spaces using traditional HIDs, which might be a fluorescent solution.  Alternatively we can advise you on the new generation of low maintenance, energy-saving LEDs – designed to enhance light quality, drive down cost and reduce carbon footprint.  In short, we can help make it easy for you.

Brighter spaces

Well-lit, high ceiling environments are not just a ‘nice to have’, they are a legal requirement. When you have no room for error, you’ll appreciate the health and safety benefits of lighting solutions that provide uniform light, no dark patches and good color rendering.

Reducing Maintenance

High ceilings traditionally mean expensive maintenance.  Just arranging access can be a major spike in your running costs and that’s even before you factor in lamp replacement costs.  Add disruption and loss of productivity to that and it’s a major interruption to ‘business as usual’.

Health, Wellbeing and Safety

In a manufacturing/industrial environment, lighting exists for one purpose – to help your employees see what they are doing effectively.  Better light quality means increased comfort.  Consistent, effective light coverage means safety.

Achieving Business Goals

When we say we understand the challenges you face, we mean from a commercial perspective too, not just a lighting one.  Our focus in the manufacturing/industrial electrical markets – in facilities such as yours – means we’re uniquely placed to be able to listen to you, understand your situation and advise on appropriate solutions to meet your business needs. We know that every customer requirement is different and also that recommending the right lighting solution for you can directly affect your profitability.  And that’s just good for business.

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